The Cowdog with The Wiggly Butt
Letters From Kodi................

Kodi is a miniature Australian Shepherd born in Missouri and brought to Texas as a very young puppy to be the "Head Of Security" at the Clem Ranch.

With the help of her master, Phyllis Clem, Kodi has 'written' many letters of her life experiences and adventures from meeting the cat, to a red wasp to big black brangus cows and even a Texas armadillo!

This book is for all ages - 2 to 82 - with illustrations and photos and all written with delightful humor of life through the eyes of Kodi as she grows up and learns.

Phyllis will be attending various functions to introduce Letters From Kodi and you can also order the book directly. The book is $10 + $2.50 S&H.

Contact us at: 903-726-3463 or email to

The Turtle Incident

Hi Y'all,

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. We're still waiting on rain and cooler weather around here. And it can't come soon enough for me. You know I don't like hot temperatures especially when I have to work cattle. And that is exactly what I had to do the other day and man was I a pooped pup afterwards! The whole thing started when Daddy and I were out checking cows in different pastures and noticed that a group of calves were not where they should have been. Their mamas didn't seem too concerned at the time but would have been pretty soon. Daddy noticed there was a fence that had some broken wire on it and I guess that's where they made their escape. We made our way through the thicket and started gathering them so we could push them back to the field where their mamas were. All was okie dokie until one rascal decided not to go back the way he had come and then the other decided to follow him. You know in an earlier letter I mentioned how trying to move calves was kind of like herding unruly cats, well that describes this situation to a T. We worked and worked trying to get those critters to go back through that broken fence but they were having none of it. Finally I got down right rude and let them know in my own little way that if they didn't get their butts through that break in the fence that it was going to get ugly. Since I speak the language of "MOO", I think they finally understood me for they all went back to where they belonged. It was hot and Daddy and I were both tuckered out by then. When we got back to the house we both got something to drink and sat in the shade of the pecan tree for a long time trying to cool off. I'm here to tell you that working cattle can be a very tiring job but since I'm a little cowdog with a wiggly butt it's something I have to do on occasion.

The next day I was rested and full of vim and vigor. We had come back from our morning walk and I was kind of dirty as usual so I got my usual rinsing off. Mama left me outside for a bit to dry off so I decided to make a check of things since we had been gone for over and hour and who knows what could be lurking in the shrubbery. Well on my second trip around the house I spied something strange. It was under a shrub and had a hard back and was the size of a big dinner plate. Then, I remembered seeing something on tv about aliens and their flying saucers so I got to thinking that this might be one of them. It kind of looked the same. I decided to investigate further by poking it with my paw. Nothing happened, no movement, nothing. So I poked the thing again and still nothing. Finally I decided that maybe barking would get the thing to move so I tried that. Now I have several barks and the one I was using meant that something was out of place. The thing still didn’t move but all the barking did bring Mama out of the house to see what the racket was all about. I showed her the alien and she just shook her head and said to leave it alone because it was just a turtle. I thought, a turtle, what's that? Anyway I guess we were safe cause she didn't seem too concerned and went back in the house. Later when she came out to get me she carried the thing down to the closest pond since that seems to be where they like to live. Wonder how that thing got so far from it's home anyway? Well at least I will know not to be very concerned the next time I run into one if indeed it was a turtle and not an alien in a turtle suit.

So long and be wary of things that may not be what they seem to be; I'm just saying.


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