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Garry Clem Brangus cattle operation has 44+ years of history
of proven genetics and experience.

Quality has always been our main goal.

We began in the commercial business before graduating to the registered black Brangus and know what the commercial man needs and wants. We have also been privileged to show our cattle and have owned the Timber Too bull (by Rocky Joe 650). Timber Too was the winningest bull and the youngest to do so at that time. He was the type of bull everyone is chasing today - deep and wide with Brangus characteristics.

Our black Brangus cattle carry the 9U8U3, 263U3, 415T3, 915, 101, 302 and 535 cow families in their bloodlines. Nearly all our cattle are donors or the result of ET or AI.

Our cattle are pleasing to the eye as you'll see on the Bull and Cow pages.

Our Black Brangus Cattle For Sale will offer photos of some of our stock. Contact us to see what is available.

We are a certified free Brucellosis herd and have been for 44+ years. All heifers are calfhood vaccinated and cows and calves stay on a strict deworming and vaccination program. Our cattle have been well cared for but are in working pasture condition to be able to go to your operation and not miss a beat.

· 44+ years experience
· 44+ years herd management for superior genetics
· Nutritional excellence for maximum growth
· Strict deworming and vaccination programs

Sug and her 2009 filly by MC Stylish x Playin Stylish

The Cowdog with The Wiggly Butt
Letters From Kodi................

Kodi is a miniature Australian Shepherd born in Missouri and brought to Texas as a very young puppy to be the "Head Of Security" at the Clem Ranch.

With the help of her master, Phyllis Clem, Kodi has 'written' many letters of her life experiences and adventures from meeting the cat, to a red wasp to big black brangus cows and even a Texas armadillo!

This book is for all ages - 2 to 82 - with illustrations and photos and all written with delightful humor of life through the eyes of Kodi as she grows up and learns.

Phyllis will be attending various functions to introduce Letters From Kodi and you can also order the book directly. The book is $10 + $2.50 S&H.

Read 1 of Kodi's letters....The Turtle Incident.

Contact us at: 903-726-3463 or email to

Garry Clem Brangus
Jacksonville, TX
Phone: 903-726-3463

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